Core4Switch is a versatile switching platform with integrated billing. Its robust and flexible architecture has been designed to meet the particular requirements of retail as well as wholesale VoIP operators. Its standalone single server deployment provides small to medium service providers an easy start, while its deployment in distributed architecture makes it suitable for larger IP carriers or telecom providers.

• Wholesale Services for VoIP Carriers, individual VoIP Traders
• Retail services for Calling Card, Callback, Callshop
• Complete Solution for IPTSPs, MVNOs
• Up to Level 5 Reseller System to Manage Distribution
• Clustering Solutions for Telecoms to handle millions of users and traffic
• Integrated Messenger Services for Computers, Mobile Phones, Tablets

Sales Contact

Khaled Md Ali
Customer Manager
Telco Services
Sales +8801730071022, +88017 30071019
Skype: core4voip, support@core4voip.com
Email: sales@divineit.net

Sales Contact

A K M Forhad
Chief Marketing Officer
Telco Services
Cell +8801730071010
Skype: core4switch
E: sales@divineit.net